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It’s been a while since I posted an update on what we’re doing in the simulation clinic. The last couple of months we have worked on pediatric teeth, placed stainless steel crowns, prepped all-ceramic molar crowns, class II preps and restorations, and various types of impressions.

This year I also ran for an ASDA chair position at my school and won. I also redesigned my local chapter’s ASDA website, which you can see here. In two weeks I find out if I was chosen for a national ASDA leadership position.

I really enjoy being involved with clubs and organizations at school. Dentistry is a profession built on relationships. Your relationship with your colleagues, your staff, your patients, you need to learn to navigate them all. Networking and being involved with organized dentistry is terrific training for running your own dental practice.

Getting Better

Looking back on my old work, I feel good about my improvement so far this year. We obviously have a lot more to learn, but we are reaching the limit of what we can do in the classroom. I think we’re all pretty excited to get over to the clinic.

This quarter we placed stainless steel crowns, performed pulpotomies, and treatment planned for simulated pediatric patients.

Working with smaller teeth means there is less room for error. We are docked heavily for neighboring tooth damage, or for damaging gingiva. These things are harder to avoid with smaller teeth.

Mastering Restorative Dentistry

Going back to adult teeth after all of that pedo was a breeze. Everything is so much larger, it makes me wonder why I ever felt like a half a millimeter was a tiny distance!

This quarter we did a lot of class II restorations. Sadly, I don’t seem to have any photos of those… We brushed up a bit on our class I, class III, and class V skills as well.

Crowns and Root Canals

Most of what we’ve done this year is bread-and-butter dentistry. We have practiced all the basic restorative procedures, crowns, basic endo and perio. I am feeling very comfortable with a bur and high speed handpiece. The 50 types of burs and other attachments we use are also becoming more familiar.

I still remember looking at the bur block and the drawers full of hand instruments on day 1 in the SIM and wondering how on Earth I would learn all of them.

Below are some pictures of my recent endo on a natural molar and my recent all-ceramic crown preps. One thing I want to improve when I get over to the clinic is my photography. I know these aren’t the best photos, but I promise to get better with time!


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