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    Hawthorne, NY
    *Note: Cost calculation does not include living expenses, student loan interest, or loan origination fees. 
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    Touro College of Dental Medicine at New York Medical College is a public medical school located in Hawthorne, New York. The school opened its doors in 2016 to become New York’s 5th dental school. Over 2,000 applicants compete for 110 open seats in each incoming freshman class.

    The school features a 32,000-square-foot oral health facility complete with 81 dental treatment stations, and 132 chairs. The structure was formerly an iconic steel and glass IBM Research facility located at 19 Skyline Drive in Hawthorne, NY.

    Since New York’s last dental school opened 50 years ago, the state’s population has grown by 4.5 million residents. Access to care issues in the state prompted the New York Medical College to open a new dental school in 2016.

    Tuition and Fees

    ExpenseFirst YearSecond YearThird YearFourth Year
    Administrative Fee$10,200$10,200$10,200$10,200
    Materials Fee$2,550$1,530$1,530$1,530
    Health Insurance$4,986$4,986$4,986$4,986

    Tuition and fees: $357,748*

    *Note: Tuition and fees calculated with an estimated 5% annual increase. 


    Students interested in the DDS program need to meet the following prerequisites in their undergraduate or post-baccalaureate study. The Admissions Committee has no preference for a major field of undergraduate study, but any college work submitted must include specified credits in chemistry, physics, biology and English. Science courses must include substantial laboratory work.

    • General Biology, 2 semesters or equivalent, with labs
    • General Chemistry, 2 semesters or equivalent, with labs
    • Organic Chemistry, 1st semester or equivalent, with lab
    • Biochemistry, 1 semester, with or without lab
    • Physics, 2 semesters or equivalent, with labs
    • English, 2 semesters or equivalent (or successful completion of the English requirements of your undergraduate institution’s requirement for graduation)
    General Biology with labs2 semesters or equivalent
    General Chemistry with labs2 semesters or equivalent
    Organic Chemistry with labs1st semester or equivalent
    Biochemistry (lab not required)1 semester
    Physics with labs2 semesters or equivalent
    English2 semesters or equivalent

    *TCDM reserves the right to waive any of these requirements for an individual applicant.


    Touro College of Dental Medicine is looking for students with drive, determination, and a desire to help others and their communities.

    All students applying to Touro College of Dental Medicine must meet certain academic requirements and technical standards.

    Candidates for admission to Touro College of Dental Medicine must have a broad educational background and possess the intelligence, integrity, and personal and emotional characteristics necessary to become effective dentists. They must meet our requirements for admission and show evidence of the capacity to successfully complete the rigorous course of study in dental school.


    Interviews will be conducted in person and on campus through March.

    The goal of the interview is to assess the applicant’s suitability for dentistry with a final ranking and comments that support the ranking, taking into consideration factors that led to the interviewer’s conclusions. The interviews are designed to evaluate non-cognitive domains considered critical to becoming an effective dental practitioner, such as empathy, critical thinking, moral reasoning and ethical grounding, open-mindedness, ability to collaborate as well as interpersonal skills.

    Interviews are 30 minutes, one-on-one, and conducted in an open file holistic format; the interviewer has access to the applicant’s file prior to or during the interview.

    The applicant is evaluated based on communication skills, flexibility, leadership, team experience, intellectual ability, learning skills and motivation and preparation for dentistry.

    Interviews are conducted from November through March. Admissions decisions will be made on a rolling basis. Applicants can expect to be notified no earlier than December 1 of the academic year prior to the academic year of matriculation.  Touro College of Dental Medicine will follow the ADEA traffic rules.


    The mission of the Touro College of Dental Medicine at New York Medical College is to graduate outstanding dental professionals who will utilize a complex knowledge base and sophisticated perceptual skills to deliver excellent health care service to their diverse communities with integrity, compassion, and empathy. The school is dedicated to conducting important educational and clinical research, while providing excellent dental health services to the public.


    Applications and materials required for admission must be submitted through the ADEA AADSAS (ADEA’s Associated American Dental Schools Application Service), available at, between June 1 and February 1 in the year prior to entry. Applicants should not contact TCDM@NYMC. The admissions department will contact select qualified applicants with an invitation to campus for a personal interview.

    Applicants can expect to be notified approximately 6 to 8 weeks after their interview date and no earlier than December 1 of the academic year prior to the academic year of matriculation. TCDM@NYMC follows the ADEA traffic rules.


    First Year

    BMDN 510 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

    The course provides students with an in-depth comprehension of the basic science and biochemical aspects of biological systems upon which clinical judgments will eventually be made and upon which additional life-long learning of dental health can be achieved.

    S 5511 Dental Materials DAO

    This is a lecture series devoted to the fundamentals of dental material science and topics of clinical significance in the disciplines of general dentistry. The course is designed to integrate basic concepts of biomaterials with clinical applications. Students will learn about the material they will use in the Laboratory course in the current semester

    PDEN 550 Dental Anatomy & Occlusion Lecture

    This course is designed to familiarize the student with histological, growth and development and anatomical characteristics of the human oral cavity. External and internal crown and root morphology of both the primary and permanent dentition. Emphasis is placed on form and function as well as occluding tooth surfaces.

    PDEN 551 Dental Anatomy & Occlusion Lab

    In conjunction with the lecture series, this course will introduce technical skills utilizing dental wax to recreate anatomical crown morphology and function. The use of the hand-piece is introduced to prepare teeth prior to waxing providing the student with the basic knowledge and handling of instruments as a prerequisite for preclinical courses in restorative dentistry.

    BMGN 590 Ethics & Professionalism in Dentistry

    This course will explore the responsibility of a practicing Dental Professional to maintain high standards of quality, ethical treatment. Discussion will involve legal responsibilities as well as moral and professional dilemmas that may occur in practice.

    BMDN 511 Physiology

    The overall objective of this course is to enable students to understand the basic principles of human physiology as it relates to the practice of dentistry. Students should begin to understand critical analysis of physiological information as a gateway to clinical management of patients. Students should come away understanding not only the normal function of the organs in health but also as a gateway to understanding the impact of pathological conditions.

    BMDN 512 Histology (General & Oral) (4hr Lec, 3hr Lab)

    Histology is the study of microscopic anatomy and the interrelationship between structure and function. The integrated perspective that you will gain in Histology and Anatomy will reinforce foundational concepts (from a structural perspective) gained from courses taught previously in the curriculum (Biochemistry, Microbiology and Physiology).

    PDEN 552 Pre-Clinical Operative Dentistry Lecture 1

    This is a lecture series that is designed to introduce the first year student to the basic theory and techniques used in Operative Dentistry. The study of the physical properties, manipulation, and chemistry of the dental materials utilized is included. Emphasis is placed on preservation of tooth structure from further destruction by dental disease.

    PDEN 533 Pre-Clinical Operative Dentistry Lab I

    This is laboratory course coordinated with the lecture series in Pre-Clinical Operative Dentistry I. It is designed to introduce the first year student to technical skills used in restorative dentistry.

    PDEN 554 Intro to Clinical Dentistry Infection Control

    Early Introduction of students to the clinical environment is the purpose of this course. The student will get a solid understanding of infection control, cross-contamination prevention, and disease prevention. This course will fulfill the mandatory NYS Infection control module while getting the students to think at the clinical practice level.

    PDEN 555 Cariology

    This course focuses on the basic concepts in the etiology, pathogenesis and sequelae of dental caries. The disease is approached from epidemiological, morphological, histological, biochemical, microbiological and immunological perspectives.

    F 5531 Dental Materials Operative Dentistry 1

    This course in the fundamentals of dental material science and topics of clinical significance in the disciplines of general dentistry is geared to the materials and instruments the students will be using in the laboratory this semester. Before they use the materials they will learn about their properties, clinical use and significance for a greater understanding of the restorative process.

    PDEN 556 Oral Radiology

    Oral radiology is a lecture course that covers radiation physics, radiation biology, radiation safety/protection, imaging theory, dental and maxillofacial radiographic techniques, interpretation of normal structures, and understanding common disease processes.

    BMGN 591 Biostatistics and Epidemiology

    Introducing the development and application of epidemiologic methods in understanding, addressing, and analyzing issues relevant to oral health. Students will become familiar with principles and concepts in epidemiology. Students are given the opportunity to acquire an understanding of epidemiologic principles and concepts, the vocabulary of epidemiology, methods of epidemiologic investigation, basic research design, and interpretation and evaluation of epidemiologic research

    BMDN 514 Gross, Neuro, Head & Neck Anatomy Lecture

    This lecture course is a course of anatomy of the human body. This course includes neuro anatomy primarily of the cranial nerves and major ascending and descending pathways, Gross, Head and Neck anatomy with special emphasis on clinical correlations to relate the details of head and neck anatomy to clinical dentistry

    BMDN 515 Gross, Neuro, Head & Neck Anatomy Lab

    A course of dissection of the human body with special emphasis on head and neck anatomy including lectures, labs and clinical correlations to relate the details of head and neck anatomy to clinical dentistry.

    BMDN 516 Microbiology & Immunology

    An overview of general microbiology, the molecular genetics of oral microbes, the pathogenesis of human microbial diseases, the immune system and current utilization of diagnostic microbiology and various laboratory methods. Students will have a level of understanding of the many oral microbial diseases allowing them to fulfill their future responsibilities to their patients and the health care community.

    SP 5561 Dental Materials-Operative Dentistry II /Removable Prosthodontics

    This lecture series is a continuation of the Fall semester course devoted to the fundamentals of dental material science and topics of clinical significance in the discipline of restorative dentistry. This course also includes materials and science used in Removable Prosthodontics.

    PDEN 557 Pre-Clinical Operative Dentistry Lecture II

    Continuation of Fall semester course in the fundamentals in the basic theory and techniques used in Operative Dentistry. This semester builds on the previous course.

    PDEN 558 Pre-Clinical Operative Dentistry Lab II

    Concurrent Lab sessions that continue the skills for restorative dentistry.

    BMDN 517 Growth, Development, and Aging

    Includes the principles of physical (body) development and emotional and behavioral development. Particular focus will be placed upon the mechanisms of pre- and post-natal craniofacial development. Emphasis will be directed to the growth and development of the mandible, maxilla, temporomandibular joint, teeth and supporting structures. Cranial base, vault and soft tissue components of the maturational processes will be presented in terms of clinical relevance.

    PDEN 559 Periodontics I

    This is an introductory course in Periodontology. Students will be taught the normal anatomy and function of the periodontium as well as the etiology and pathogenesis of periodontal diseases and conditions. Students will also be instructed on how to assess risk for periodontal disease and the relationship between periodontal disease and systemic disease.

    PDEN 560 Pre-Clinical Complete Denture I Lecture

    Complete denture prosthodontic procedures and design educate the student to restore function and aesthetics. Setup, fabrication and finishing of complete dentures using the most up to date materials and techniques.

    PDEN 561 Pre-Clinical Complete Denture I Lab

    This course is a vital supplement to the lecture course. The student will put to practical use, the theoretical knowledge given in lecture. A true appreciation of the complexity of Complete Denture development and fabrication will be appreciated, full comprehension of these complexities will be explored.

    BMGN 593 Biostatistics and Evidence Based Dentistry

    This course introduces the discipline of biostatistics and how to understand approaches to analyzing data and interpreting results. Students will become familiar with principles and concepts in basic biostatistics through lectures, discussions, assigned readings, and exercises. Students are given the opportunity to acquire an understanding of bio statistical principles and concepts, the vocabulary of biostatistics, methods of data analysis and interpretation and evaluation of presented evidence.

    PDEN 562 Introduction to Dentistry

    This course will provide an overview of the history of progress in the dental profession. A beginning foundation of proper terminology and nomenclature and the structure and function of the teeth and oral environment will be taught. In addition, the student will be introduced to the different disciplines of dentistry. This knowledge will give the student the tools needed to be successful in future coursework.

    BMDN 513 Histology Lab (General & Oral)

    This Laboratory course will complement the lecture series with hands on inspection and identification of cellular structures and function. Slides will allow to the students to see and understand the proper function of different cells and what happens when disease alters structure and function.

    Second Year

    BMDN 610 Patho Medicine (6 weeks are in Spring)

    This course is conducted in three blocks: (1) general pathology, (2) systemic pathology, and (3) dental management (DM) of the medically complex patient. Information presented in each successive block depends upon the knowledge acquired in the previous block as its basis and support. DM of medically complex patients requires an in-depth knowledge and understanding of systemic pathology. Systemic pathology requires an understanding of general pathology.

    BMDN 612 Physical Diagnosis

    Designed to teach the student basic techniques and principles of physical diagnosis and clinical patient evaluation. The student must access the medical and psychosocial conditions of the patient as they affect oral health, including the patient’s medical history, normal structures, and vital signs. The student\’s patient examination must involve the collection and consolidation of biological and behavioral findings and supplementary data for a working diagnosis.

    PDEN 650 Oral Radiology Practical Technique

    This course consists of a laboratory exercise and clinical experience in radiographic technique and performance of a radiologic interpretation of the dental structures. Technical proficiency in basic radiography is developed working on dry skulls and manikins.

    BMDN 611 Pharmacology and Therapeutics

    A pharmacology course that will cover the proper use of the major classes of drugs. These include drugs affecting the autonomic nervous system, central nervous system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system and antimicrobials.

    PDEN 651 Periodontal Modular Learning

    This second year course is a hands-on course in which students will be prepared for the clinical practice of periodontics. Students will learn to gather data for the periodontal examination and formulate a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan. They will be taught how to give home care instruction and how to perform scaling and root planning with both manual and powered instrumentation. They will also be instructed on calculus detection methods, tooth polishing and the placement of chemotherapeutic agents. Students will develop skills on mannequins and practice on each other. Methods of infection control and patient management skills will be addressed and emphasized. It is in this course where students will learn about the clinic protocols related to periodontal therapy and the clinical skill assessments.

    PDEN 653 Removable Partial Dentures Lecture 1

    This initial lecture series includes instruction in basic principles of removable partial denture design, diagnostic cast analysis, surveying, nomenclature, framework construction, construction of record bases and rims.

    PDEN 654 Removable Partial Dentures Lab 1

    This course is a vital supplement to the lecture course. The student will put to practical use, the theoretical knowledge given in lecture. A true appreciation of the complexity of RPD Design and fabrication will be appreciated.

    PDEN 655 Periodontics II

    This deals predominately with the management of periodontal diseases and conditions. Students will be exposed to the non-surgical and surgical management of periodontal diseases as well as to the management of muco-gingival conditions and deformities. Students will learn to evaluate treatment outcomes and to seek evidence that justifies the use of different therapeutic modalities.

    PDEN 656 Pediatric Dentistry 1

    First of a two series of lectures designed to enable the pre-doctoral dental student to develop an overall competency in pediatric dentistry and to increase his/her theoretical and clinical judgment, technical skills and case organizational ability.

    PDEN 657 Clinical Oral Radiology and Interpretation

    Small Group hands on learning will train the students to develop principles of radiologic interpretation through interpretation of full mouth, panoramic and other necessary radiographs to assist in diagnosis and treatment planning.

    PDEN 658 Oral Pathology

    General principles and concepts of diseases, as learned in General and Systemic Pathology are applied to those diseases which manifest in and about the oral cavity. Signs and symptoms, natural history, differential diagnosis, management, and prognosis of common and significant oral diseases are presented.

    PDEN 659 Dental Clinical Pharmacology & Oral Med

    The course covers the important principles in the actions of drugs. Although emphasis is given to drugs used by the dentist, study is extended to all major groups of drugs in order to give the student a more general appreciation of the role of drugs in dental practice. Clinical correlations between pharmacology and clinical practice are made periodically throughout the course.

    PDEN 660 Preclinical Fixed Prosthodontics Lecture

    Diagnosis and treatment of teeth that are beyond the scope of simple direct restorations. The student will learn to recognize the need for a more extensive restorative process which will include full coverage crowns, fixed bridges and.  post and core restorations. Digital impressions CAD/CAM and chairside Fabrication of many different materials will be the hallmark of this course. The newest technologies and treatment modalities that are available will be taught to return the patient to excellent oral health.

    SP 6612 Dental Materials-Fixed Prosthodontics

    Material and techniques used during the laboratory section of Pre-Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics are discussed in this course. The chemical, structural, biologic properties and methods of use are clearly delineated to help the student understand the proper materials for each clinical situation.

    PDEN 661 Preclinical Fixed Prosthodontics Lab

    The laboratory component will closely follow the lecture series to allow students to develop the skills to implement what is learned in the lecture course. The simulation clinic will act as a real dental office with chairside milling and fabrication of restoration.

    PDEN 662 Introduction to Implants

    This course will present the dental student with an introduction to implant dentistry. The student will learn the history and current state of Implant dentistry, as well as the scientific concepts and principles that allow for the successful use of implants today. Treatment planning based on patient specific medical and dental considerations will be emphasized. The student will become acquainted with techniques that can be utilized to maximize esthetic and functional success of implant based dental restorations. Protocols and techniques for implant surgery and prosthetic treatment will be taught. The student will Avoidance, identification, and management of both surgical and prosthetic complications will be stressed. The student will also learn the importance of short and long-term evaluation and maintenance of dental implants.

    PDEN 663 Introduction to Clinical Dentistry II

    This is an introduction to clinical patient care for the second year students. It integrates several preclinical and clinical activities as it introduces the student to patient treatment in a variety of settings in the dental school.

    PDEN 664 Preclinical Ortho/Pedo Lecture

    Covers basic orthodontic and pediatric dentistry techniques. The class periods are divided into a one hour lecture section followed by a two hour laboratory period. The lecture covers the theory and technique of the exercises to be covered in the laboratory period.

    SP 6650 Removable Partial Dentures II

    Instruction is given in diagnosis, treatment planning, patient education, clinical techniques and prevention as they relate to the partially edentulous patient.

    PDEN 665 Preclinical Treatment Planning

    An introduction to comprehensive treatment planning for the general dental practitioner. It is the first exposure to this most important part of dental practice in the curriculum. The fundamentals necessary to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan will be presented. Emphasis will be placed on the collection of appropriate data using patient medical and dental history, evaluation of chief complaint, recognition and ability to provide immediate discomfort relief, oral examination techniques, patient interview skills and the correlation of this necessary data. The importance and ability to communicate with and refer to specialists when appropriate will be covered. Clinical patient management and case presentation formats will be incorporated throughout the course.

    PDEN 666 Endodontics I

    Lecture series in the properties and histology of the Pulp and canals of teeth. Emphasis will be on proper diagnosis and treatment planning of involved teeth. The student will learn the most up to date methods of canal debridement shaping and sealing, using evidence based treatment modalities. Special care will be to teach treatment that will preserve internal tooth structures as much as possible.

    PDEN 667 Endodontics I Lab

    This laboratory course will be in conjunction with the lecture series. The student will learn technical skills on model teeth that simulate infected teeth. Use of the endodontic hand-piece will be taught as the primary method of canal preparation. Medicaments and sealants will be utilized to train the student in proper endodontic treatment.

    BMGN 690 Pain and Anxiety Control

    This course combines both didactic and clinical components to help students acquire an understanding of pain and the principles of pain control as related to the clinical treatment of dental patients. Evaluation of the physical-mental emotional status of the patient and the determination of the proper pain control technique and its correlation with procedures to be performed are integrated with an understanding of advanced pain and anxiety-control modalities. Included in this course is a series of in-depth lectures covering the spectrum of advanced pain control techniques with emphasis on the history of the development of such techniques as they apply to areas of dentistry and Oral Surgery. Information that represents the \”state of the art\” will be presented covering local anesthesia, diagnosis of pain and anesthesia problems, various pharmacological approaches to pain and anxiety management, hypnosis, iatro-sedation techniques, electro-anesthesia, and finally, management of pain after the fact with various non-opioid and opioid analgesics. All of this increases the range of options for management of various treatment situations for the student and patient.

    PDEN 668 Principles of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery I

    This course will present the second year dental student with an introduction to the principles and techniques integral to the provision of safe, effective, and comfortable Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical treatment. Emphasis will be placed on preoperative evaluation and diagnosis directed care as students develop an understanding of which procedures can be performed by a general dentist and when and how to seek consultation from or refer patients to a surgical specialist. Exodontia, management of impactions, and diagnostic techniques and treatments of infections and soft and hard tissue pathology will be covered.

    PDEN 669 Principles of Orthodontics I

    This didactic course encompasses the preliminary diagnostic and treatment information required by the dental student to begin treatment planning and managing patients in the university dental clinic. The student is provided with the necessary instruction to perform a comprehensive orthodontic examination, identify the diagnostic records which are appropriate for each patient and assemble data from those diagnostic records. The student will unitize those records in addition to a clinical examination to plan a course of orthodontic treatment for the patient. The student is introduced to a variety of contemporary fixed and removable appliances, including removable thermoplastic dental aligners, and their component parts and properties and the indications for their use.

    ELDN 600 Summer Research Elective

    This elective summer course will pair students with mentor researchers in different areas of interest after an orientation week the students will conduct research in conjunction with the Laboratory facilities at NYMC.

    PDEN 652 New Technologies in the Dental Practice

    This course will introduce the Latest technologies in the practice of dentistry. The students will hear from representatives from dental technology producers on current and upcoming products. They will learn implementation and how to use these technologies most effectively.

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