Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine

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    Charleston, SC
    *Note: Cost calculation does not include living expenses, student loan interest, or loan origination fees. 
    Medical University of South Carolina Seal


    The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) College of Dental Medicine is a public dental college located in Charleston, South Carolina. It was established in 1953 and remains as South Carolina’s only dental school.

    The James B. Edwards Dental Building was completed in 2009. The structure contains 189 clinical operatories in 120,000 square feet of space. The basic sciences facility was recently renovated and sits on top of the former site of the Charleston Arsenal, a historical Civil War site.

    The school accepts 75 students each year, around 15 seats are reserved for out-of-state students. Recently, more than half of incoming freshman were female.

    The school treats over 65,000 patients annually from the main dental clinic and 7 outreach clinics located throughout South Carolina. Students also participate in numerous volunteer and international trips where they provide care to underserved populations domestically and abroad.

    Tuition and Fees

    • Resident Tuition: 
      • First Year: $68,710
      • Second Year: $54,345
      • Third Year: $67,500
      • Fourth Year: $67,500
    • Non-Resident Tuition: 
      • First Year: $104,585
      • Second Year: $80,045
      • Third Year: $103,375
      • Fourth Year: $103,375
    • Annual Increase: 4-7%
    • Health Insurance: 
      • First Year: $2,612
      • Second Year: $2,018
      • Third Year: $2,018
      • Fourth Year: $2,018
    • Personal/Miscellaneous: 
      • First Year: $3,344
      • Second Year: $2,736
      • Third Year: $3,648
      • Fourth Year: $3,648
    • Transportation: 
      • First Year: $3,388
      • Second Year: $2,736
      • Third Year: $3,648
      • Fourth Year: $3,648
    • Books-Required Expenses:
      • First Year: $6,048
      • Second Year: $3,623
      • Third Year: $5,783
      • Fourth Year: $7,463
    • Total Resident Tuition and Fees with 5% annual increase: $326,093
    • Total Non-Resident Tuition and Fees with 5% annual increase: $464,291


    YearSemesterCourseCredit Hours
    1SummerCELL-621Gross & Neuroanatomy7
    STOMA-736Introduction to Dentistry1.5
    Total Semester Hours8.5
    1FallCELL-628Basic & Oral Histology8
    CLNDM-805Early Clinics I3.5
    FXPRO-801Pre-Clinical Occulusion I2.5
    GENDT-801Dental Morphology3
    OHS-601Dental Biochemistry3
    OHS-835Preventive Dentistry1
    OHS-870Nutrition & Dental Health1
    STOMA-802Periodontics I1.5
    IP-710Transforming Health Care2
    STOMA-813Infection Control1
    STOMA-881Evidenced Based Dentistry.5
    Total Semester Hours27
    1SpringCLNDM-806Early Clinics II3.5
    FXPRO-805Fixed Prosthodontics2
    MATSC-801Dental Materials I2.5
    MBIM-623Dental Microbiology4
    NSCS-621Human Physiology6
    OHS-624Oral Immunology-Oral Biology4
    OHS-902Biochemical Aspects of Oral Biology2.5
    PROS-820Implant Prosthodontics I1.5
    STOMA-880Behavioral Science2
    Total Semester Hours28
    2FallCLNDM-810Early Clinics III3
    ENDO-811Endodontics Techniques and Rationale1.5
    ENDO-815Basic Endodontics3
    FXPRO-806Fixed Prosthodontics II2.5
    GENDT-805Operative I4.5
    PEDOR-801Pediatric Dentistry I1
    PEDOR-820Orthodontics I2
    RMPRO-811Complete Dentures Pros I4.5
    STOMA-800Introduction to Oral Radiology1
    STOMA-803Periodontics II1
    STOMA-836Oral Radiographic Interpretation I1
    STOMA-838Oral Medicine I1
    Total Semester Hours26.5
    2SpringCLNDM-811Early Clinics IV3
    FXPRO-807Fixed Prosthodontics III2.5
    FXPRO-808Fixed Prosthodontics IV1
    GENDT-830Operative II4
    GENDT-888Preclinical Restorative Competency1
    OMFS-801Oral Surgery I1
    OMFS-805Comp. Control of Pain/Anxiety Dentistry1
    PEDOR-805Pediatric Dentistry II1
    PEDOR-821Orthodontics II2
    RMPRO-813Complete Dentures II1.5
    RMPRO-835Removable Partial Pros3.5
    STOMA-623General & Systemic Pathology5
    STOMA-907Oral Medicine II1
    Total Semester Hours31.5
    3SummerCLNDM-812*Junior Clinics6
    CLNDM-815Jr. Treatment Plan Clinic1
    CLNDM-890Orientation to Clinics1
    CLNDM-896Junior Attendance I2
    GENDT-891Technical Assessment I1
    OMFS-806Clinical Pathopsys of Com Med Cond.5
    OMFS-810Physical Diagnosis1
    PEDOR-825Pediatric/Orthodontic Lab2
    PROS-821Implant Prosthodontics II1.5
    STOMA-804Periodontics III1
    Total Semester Hours17.5
    3FallCLNDM-813**Junior Clinics13.5
    CLNDM-816Jr. Treatment Plan Clinic II1
    CLNDM-830Continued Quality Improvement1.5
    CLNDM-897Junior Attendance II3
    ENDO-813Endo Special Topics1
    PEDOR-815Pediatric Dentistry III1
    OHS-823Clinical Genetics1
    STOMA-805Periodontics IV1
    STOMA-839Oral Pathology I3
    CLNDM-874Oral Rehab Clin Experience I1
    Total Semester Hours27
    3SpringCLNDM-814***Junior Clinics13.5
    CLNDM-817Jr. Treatment Plan Clinic III1
    CLNDM-831Continued Quality Improvement II1.5
    CLNDM-898Junior Attendance III3
    MATSC-886Independent Project3
    PROS-830Dental Implantology1
    STOMA-840Oral Pathology II2
    STOMA-841Public Health1
    STOMA-905Practice Management I1
    Total Semester Hours27
    4SummerCLNDM-823Sr. Treatment Plan Clinic I1
    CLNDM-850~Senior Clinics6.5
    CLNDM-892Senior Attendance I2.5
    GENDT-806Esthetic Dentistry1
    GENDT-891Technical Assessment I1
    OMFS-885Advanced Concepts in OMFS1
    STOMA-845Clinical Diagnostic Conference2
    STOMA-850Sr. Radiology: Advanced Topics1
    STOMA-904Geriatric Dentistry.5
    CLNDM-876Oral Rehab Clin Experience III1
    CLNDM-834Cont. Quality Improvement V1.5
    Total Semester Hours19
    4FallCLNDM-824Sr. Treatment Plan Clinic II1
    CLNDM-832Continued Quality Improvement III1.5
    CLNDM-851«Senior Clinics12
    CLNDM-893Senior Attendance II4
    GENDT-892Technical Assessment II1
    MATSC-805Dental Materials II1.5
    STOMA-855Advanced Treatment Planning2.5
    STOMA-906Practice Management II1
    CLNDM-877Oral Rehab Clin Experience IV1
    Total Semester Hours24.5
    4SpringCLNDM-825Sr. Treatment Plan Clinic III1
    CLNDM-833Continued Quality Improvement IV1.5
    CLNDM-841Hospital Rotation in Oral Surgery1
    CLNDM-845Oral Surgery Rotation3
    CLNDM-852+Senior Clinics12
    CLNDM-872Oral Diagnosis Rotation3
    CLNDM-880Oral Head & Neck Cancer Clinical.5
    CLNDM-882Cultural Competency Capstone.5
    CLNDM-894Senior Attendance III3
    CLNDM-901Coastal Center Rotation.5
    CLNDM-904Our Lady of Mercy.5
    CLNDM-905Horry Georgetown Rotation.5
    CLNDM-997East Cooper Community Outreach.5
    CLNDM-998Greenville Tech Rotation2.5
    Total Semester Hours30
    Total Credit Hours258


    The mission of the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine is to develop principled, skilled and compassionate practitioners and leaders in oral health care, to expand the body of knowledge about oral and related diseases, and to serve the citizens of the state of South Carolina and beyond by providing exemplary oral health care.