52 Articles 7 Comments 758 Points Richard is a third year dental student at Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ. He is married to the love of his life, Erin. Richard enjoys hiking, biking, snowboarding, writing, and of course, dentistry!

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Class IV on #8
Bridge temporary suck-down
Hot dog anesthesia lab
Stressed Out
Dental affects
Lidocaine syringe
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Ready for DEX week!
DEX Week Day 1: OSCE
Diode Laser
Washington Monument at Night
TeamSmile Arizona
TeamSmile Arizona
Midwestern Arizona ASDA Annual Session 2018
ASDA Annual Session 2018
Let's buy a dental practice!
Buying a dental practice
Drilling Pilot Hole for Hiossen Implant
Placing Dental Implants
George Hariri
Dental Office
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ASDA National Leadership Conference 2017
MWU AZ ASDA - Phoenix Rescue Mission
First Root Canal Radiograph
Woman with a Diastema
Stacks of Dental Impressions
Desk and Study Materials
Erin and Richard Dawson
A dental classmate napping during lecture
Whitening Tray with Stone Model
Pay for Dental School
Dental School Tuition
Dentist Cartoon
Midwestern University Campus
Arizona State Capitol Building
Ups and Downs
Diary Page
Study Glasses
Midwestern Dental Clinic Pediatric Patient
Wax-up of Tooth #8
Angel Statue
Antelope Canyon, Arizona
Empty Lecture Hall
Midwestern University Campus
Empty Auditorium
Study Glasses
Chemistry Flasks
Study Materials
Family on the Beach
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